Well, this tutorial taught me something that I think I have always known about myself.  I MUST HAVE MEASUREMENTS!!!!!

It is a personal flaw I think.  I know other people who make papercrafts who are able to eye different things.  Not me.

For my card I used the MCPT to color the image and then I painted the image with Sparkling H2O's.  (I love Sparkling H20's)  The result is very striking in person.  The bubbles also have stickles which don't show up in the picture.  This one is certainly better in person.  The picture below shows the pouch opening. 

Enjoy the Diaper Fold Tutorial.  This makes a nice pouch for a gift, a pocket for a card. 

Step 1.  Measure Card Base

For this diaper card pocked I used a full 12 by 12 inch piece of patterned paper.  A double sided piece of cardstock gives a nice finished product. 



Step 2. Fold

Fold the piece of paper so that two corners meet.  Use a bone folder to nicely press the edge of your fold.


Step 3.  Measure for Fold

Here it is...that famous measuring.  Measure 3 1/2 inches from the top point of the paper.  Mark and score along that line.


Step 4.  Fold Point Down

Fold down the point along the 3 1/2 inch line that you scored in step 3.  This fold will give you a nice line for the folds that you will make in steps 5 and 6.  Again use the bone folder to press the fold.


Step 5.  Fold Right Point

Well, maybe I should have picked a different patterned paper for this tutorial.  It is a little hard to see in the picture.  In this step fold the right point to the left edge of the line that you marked in step 3.  The top edge of that paper should follow the bottom of the fold in step 4.


Step 6.  Fold Left Point

Now fold the left point over to the right edge of the line that you marked in step 3.  Once again the top edge of that paper will follow the bottom of the fold in step 4.  For my pocket I chose to add a little piece of adhesive under the front flap to hold it down.


Step 7.  Decisions, Decisions

Your pocket can now be finished in one of two ways.  The back flap of the pocket can either be folded down like the front or left up as shown in this picture.  The choice is yours.

Now you can decorate and personalize your Diaper Fold Card!  Please share your projects with us.  We love to add new projects to our gallery.