Today I am going to show you how to make a Tee Pee card.  It will Wow all of your friends.  It sure did mine.  As my students would say it is "Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!"
Supplies needed: 3 squares of card stock for base (your choice of color and size), 3 squares of designer paper 1/2 inch smaller in size, adhesive, bone folder, closure (such as ribbon or velcro), image of choice and embellishments as desired
Step 1: Cut three squares of same size and color of card stock for base of card.  I chose 5 x 5 for my square.  You many use any size square.  The bigger the square the bigger the card.

Step 2:  Fold each square on the diagonal and crease with bone folder.  

Step 3:  Assemble 3 folded squares with adhesive.

Step 4:  Add a closure such as velcro or use ribbon.  I found that velcro is the easiest to work with for this card.  (choose "low profile" velcro)

Step 5:  Cut your designer paper squares in half on the diagonal and adhere to 3 sides.  Do not adhere one to the side with the closure.  You may add as many layers of paper as you would like.

Step 6:  Use the three remaining pieces of designer paper to add to the 3 ends that were not covered.  

Step 7:  Add desired image and embellishments to complete your card.

I hope you enjoyed our tutorial today.  Make sure to stop by the blog to show us your wonderful creations.  
Written by Stephanie Landon for Shelly's Images