Are all the file types and options a little confusing?  We hope this little article will help.

At Shelly's Images all of our files will download to you as a .zip file containing high resolution .jpg and .png files of the digi stamp you ordered.  Some of our files have additional extras that we offer to give lots of designing possibilities.  Generally each file will be offered separately.  This just means that you can print exactly what you need for your project.

So what are .jpg and .png files.  I like to think of the .jpg file as having a "white" background.  Or a solid background.  .jpg files are perfect for most of your projects. A .png file is a "transparent" image.  So if you are layering other images or text then .png files can be useful to get exactly the look you are trying to achieve.

At Shelly's Images we also offer other adjustments to files.  After you place your order and receive your digi stamps just email Shelly if any of these additional options would be helpful.

  • We can change the color of the outline of your digi stamp.  Sometimes the black outline of the digi stamps is a bit too bold or doesn't fit with your project. 
  • We also offer "white fill" .png files.  We don't offer this as a "standard" option for all of our digi stamps because of the amount of detail on most stamps.  But white fill digi stamps can be very helpful in the layering process mentioned earlier.

Here is a little example sheet of some of the files we have mentioned.


 Be watching for future tutorials on how to work with digi files and digi layering.

And, as always, if you need further help with files that aren't listed here please just let us know.  We are happy to help you get the perfect digi stamp for your project!

To learn more about manipulating digi stamps on your computer please see our Computer Tutorials menu. You will be a digi pro in no time!